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3 min readDec 17, 2021

tudaBirds Update | Cross-Chain | Bridge Between Blockchains | metaNest | NFT9K Drop | NFB Evolution |

Have you heard tudaBirds recently preened their feathers, so to speak? We're pleased to announce that our tudaBridge is now available within the metaNest wallet, and tudaBridge gates will rise after the public launch - but, you can take a peek at at sale.tudabirds.io/bridge! Our built-in bridge allows our users a fast, smooth and simple cross-chain experience whilst bridging gaps between the green Solana Chain and the Binance Smart Chain. Do we plan to expand? Stay tuned 😉

Q1 2022 is filled with plenty of action:

*As our presale comes to an end on December 31st, 2021, our public sale will kick off January 12th, 2022 - successfully ringing in the New Year with good vibes and even better all-time highs.
*The highly-anticipated release of our next game, Birdtris plus the V1 unveiling of our nestBet system.
*NFT9K Drop
*CEX Listings -Coinsbit.io, to start
*Launch of the Evolutionary Avatars
*Future Expanses in Bridging

From Presale to Public Sale:

Our approach to organic growth is reflective in everything we do; from our marketing strategies, to our ever-expanding team, community, and metaNest, there isn’t a single thing we won’t openly discuss, or offer to explain to anyone who's willing to ask (spoilers, aside 😜). As we begin the process of incorporating the fruits of our labor, the tudaBirds team would like to also take a moment to reassure you that we are sparing exactly zero expenses when it comes to the finer details of our mission; which is creating an immersive and fun gaming experience for you, our users, as well as a safe space to grow, and learn, as investors. No matter what you prefer to ape into (our NFB’s, $BURD, our games), it’s clear that we’ve definitely got a little something for everyBird. (You can ape into our pre-sale here 👉🏻 http://sale.tudabirds.io)

NFT9K Drop:

DID YOU KNOW that scientists have discovered over 9,000 different species of birds, co-inhabiting this beautiful planet with us? It’s true, and to celebrate that awesome fact, we’re doing an NFT9K Drop! This exclusive event is going to preface the long-awaited reveal of our evolutionary avatars, which are going to give our tudaBird members the very first opportunity in Crypto History to not only mint their own, wholly-unique NFB's on our cross-chained platform, but also evolve it by minting extra assets, and then combining them with their original NFB's, to create an all-new, evolutionary NFB's. Pretty cool, right?

Major CEX Listings:

Our plans to apply to major CEX Listing sites have not changed whatsoever; as soon as we launch our public sale and get through all the initial excitement of a successful first flight, the tudaBirds team promises to update our members on all progress made towards getting listed.

🚀 tudaBirds TUDAMOON! 🚀

Vital Information:

Token name: tudaBirds
Ticker Symbol: $BURD
Public PreSale price USD 0.009
Public ICO Price: USD 0.01
Fundraising Goal: USD 1 million+
Minimum Purchase at pre-Sale: 10,000 $BURD

Allocation of funds:

Total token supply - 1,000,000,000
30% Token Sale
15% Marketing & Community
12% Development
9% Team
5% Advisors
9% Liquidity
8% Staking/Farming Rewards
10% Additional Service
2% Token Bonus Reserve

Fun things to come ask us about:

*Cross-Chain Efficiency
*Evolutionary NFB’s
*Our Imminent NFT9K Drop
*Battle200X : Predict & Win
*Our metaNest
*Future Expansions in Bridging

DYOR Resources:

Website: http://tudabirds.io/
TweetPaper: https://business.tudabirds.io/tweet-paper
Business Site: https://business.tudabirds.io/

Official Channels:

Discord: https://discord.gg/tudabirds
Telegram: https://t.me/tudabirdsgroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tudabirds
Medium: https://tudabirds.medium.com/
Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/tudabirds
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tudabirds
LinkedIn: ttps://www.linkedin.com/company/tudabirds