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4 min readDec 29, 2021


Who are we?

tudaBirds is a lot of things, but first and foremost, we’re a community of like-minded individuals, who all share a mutual love for Crypto, NFT’s, and Gaming. Seveets and Volo, respectively the CEO & CTO of tudaBirds, met a couple of years back, helping projects achieve the security and credibility that it takes to go the distance in this crazy crypto world. With a two year acquaintanceship behind them, and the brains to make it happen, these two set out to create the most immersive blockchain experience this side of the Metaverse, and born from their fusion was our metaNest.

The metaNest is our go-to hub, integrated with our nestBet system, which allows our users to create and manage their own games, rent them out, as well as gives them the ability to create and manage their own user profiles and avatars - all while utilizing the metaNests’ interconnected leaderboards to make it one transparent, seamless experience. Within our metaNest, users will be able to interact with one another for a variety of reasons; whether you just wanna chat, or participate in a competitive, PVP Battle, our little slice of virtual, gaming heaven is where you’ll go to get connected.

Where to play? In our Virtual Game Rooms, of course! Whether it was created via the tudaTeam, or another community member, there will be no shortage of VGRs within the metaNest. It’ll be like walking into the mall with your friends, except instead of picking out your next smartphone from the kiosk, you’ll be picking out your next battle grounds, and challenging your nemeses. The tudaTeam has already created the first two games to be hosted within the metaNest, so that we can both set the bar, and show you how it’s done;

Battle200X: With more complexities than Birdtris, Battle200X is your next go-to for high-stakes opportunities that rain gains. Here you’ll be able to compete in head-to-head competitions, calling price predictions based on wit and instinct against other users, and with winnings of up to 20,000%, plus a 10M $BURD drop, we’re confident this is one game you’ll keep coming back to.

Birdtris: Simplistic in nature, like our fine feathered friends, themselves, Birdtris is the epitome of leisurely wins. This is the side of the metaNest where you’ll come to enjoy laid back, friendly competition with friends, fitting shapes together in a neat stack so you can crowd up your rival’s game space and make it harder for them to organize much of anything, including their next strategy.

With tons more games on the way (like Words with Birds, and H2H Sudoku challenges), now is the perfect time to slide into our ongoing presale at sale.tudabirds.io, and bag up some $BURD at a 10% discount - as once we go public, and our gamers start streaming, you’ll be hard-pressed to ever find it this cheap, again. Also to note, since ‘variety is the spice of life’, we’ve forgone the old ways of doing things; $BURD is a cross-chain token, sold on both the green Solana Blockchain, as well as the Binance Smart Chain, and we don’t plan to stop there, either - our tudaBridge, though still in its beta phase, harbors plenty of room for growth, and we plan to pack that empty space with as much diversity as we can.

Inclusivity within the Crypto Community begins today.

Now, let’s get to the NFT side of things;

First of all, we call them NFBs, Non-Fungible Birds, for obvious reasons. Second, our NFBs aren’t just your regular ol’ minted jpegs; they’re ever-evolving avatars, and they serve as your ‘Frequent Flyer Pass’ inside the metaNest. We'll be releasing more details on this particular aspect soon, so keep a bird's-eye view out for those upcoming announcements. Our horizons are far wider than any catapult could ever hope to cross, which is why our birds navigate their own flights. 😉

Fun Fact: Scientists have discovered over 9,000 bird species in the wild, so we decided to celebrate with our very own NFT9K Drop (IT'S OVER 9000!). Forget cats and dogs, we’re gonna make it rain evolutionary NFB’s! (Guru would be so proud.)

Now, to get into some technical stuff;

85% of any game's revenues will go to the game's winner, while 10% goes back to our token holders, and the remaining 5% gets diverted back into the business, so we can keep the good times rolling.

Our NFT Aftermarket Royalties divvy out 33% to our token holders, while 33% goes back to our NFB holders. In modern times like this, passive income is a necessary staple, and we deliver it tenfold.

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