tudaBirds NFT9K Gamified Drop

A unique offer for a gamified NFT drop

A total of 9,000 unique NFTs — offered on a first come, first served basis with fair and randomized distribution of rarities and scarcities scattered within — and secret bonus content.

EVERY single NFT in the NFT9K drop will have future value or utility in the tudaBirds arena. AND every single NFT in the drop has been created by our team, working under Ishan, our CBO (Chief Bird Officer) and his nest of feathered artist: no machine-generated birds in this house!

And 10% of the 9000 NFTs in this drop will be rewarded — randomly, by the wallet address of holders — an additional NFT from one of tudaBirds Signature or virtual real estate collections (more information coming soon)!!

Where else but the tudaBirds social gaming arena can you find a gamified NFT drop??!!?? Where else but tudaBirds do your NFTs provide true utility value themselves?

Two Main Collections: 7 bird species, styles and personalities.

The two main collections will feature from the styles and personalities of our tudaBird nests — as you can see from the three teasers below (and the one at the top of this post).

All families of tudaBirds have big plans for use in future large-scale games including an animated 3D race tudaMoon!

Proceeds from the the Founders NFT 9K funds will support arena and game development as well as marketing, marketing and marketing. For more info visit our website and join our social communities on discord, telegram and, since we are tudaBirds, we tweet on Twitter as well.

Our planned drop is October 15, 2021… stay tuned for more tudaBirds NFT and competitive social gaming arena news!

Join our NFT9K Whitelist: all entries will have access to mint up to 30 tudaBirds NFTs!

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