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2 min readMar 20, 2022

tudaBirds News FLASH : VR NFT Gallery & Holder-held Copyright

With a huge leap from the metaNest to start the flight, tudaBirds announces the opening of their Virtual Reality NFT Gallery! In partnership with FrameVR.io you can take a live walk through our gallery of NFTs

Having spread the word in earlier leaked documents (as only Edbird Snownest can do!) Edbird is at it again — but this time we beat him to it! Our fine-feathered friend released the above video showing our all-new VR NFT gallery but we beat his eggs: the site is already live here in the tudaBirds metaNest.

And EdBird missed a trick!! He doesn’t know everything !!

tudaBirds NFT holders own the art & they have full Copyright ownership!

He does know that the birds don’t breed little common kitties and horses (and don’t want to know what those apes are getting up to with that mutation thing!) & that tudaBirds evolution avatars — helmets, space suits, jet packs, boots and more — can be won or purchased and will dropped, raffled and rewarded… tudaBirds users the unique opportunity to visualise and then re-mint customised NFBs. In the process, the original NFB and asset NFTs will be burnt, resulting in an increased scarcity of the originating NFB set as well as an all-new avatar NFT (NFB). The new NFB will carries in its provenance (and on the blockchain) a superset of the rarities and attributes of the original and all assets used in the evolution mint — as you can see below

So, visit the VR NFT Gallery and get ready for an amazing sale on March 31: working direct with our big-wing partners, our Binance Smart Chain NFTs will drop on Galler.io and both the BSC collection & our Polygon NFTs in Partnership with Polygon Studios will be sold from our page at nft.tudabirds.io .. the whitelist is now open but places are running out quick!

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