tudaBirds introduces birdTris: P2E Puzzle Game

tudaBirds metaNest
2 min readFeb 27, 2022


With the upcoming launch of tudaBirds birdTris, here is a quick explanation of all aspects of this new game. Let’s Fly-by and learn more!

What is birdTris?
birdTris is a head-to-head retro game built on the nestBet structure using secure web3 interconnections across all of our games. birdTris is the first tudaBird NFT and avatar NFB-integrated game. Users will soon be able to choose their own tudaBirds NFTs as avatars to use on their profile.

Daily, weekly, and monthly mixed championship leader boards (and bonuses! are already in place, with player tournaments along with monthly champions-only games coming soon (where users can also bet for or against the players and tournament results).

And don’t forget the tudaBirds concentration on our token holders : our revenue model shares 66% of retained revenues directly with $BURD token holders.

Register your account. Invite your friends with your referral code and earn token bonuses. See https://metanest.tudabirds.io/birdtris-lobby/ for tutorials on game play and how to set up your metaNest account.

birdTris: just one more step along the way to 100+ social games. tudaBirds is the home of defi social gaming, offering Learn / Play / Earn opportunities for all.

tudaBirds: the first steps into the metaverse, for the rest of us!