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$BURD Public Launch Date Announced | Coinsbit.io Listing | turdaBirds tudaMoon | NFT9K Drop | Competitive Gaming | Battle200X |

tudaBirds is hosting the $BURD pre-sale, through to December 31st at sale.tudabirds.io!!

Why Cross-Chain?

Not only does it put us a step ahead of our competitors, but $BURD is also (simplistically put) part of a much larger ecosystem- a nest in which we’re inviting our entire family to help us build, from the ground up. From Solana, to the Binance Smart Chain, we aim to widen both the horizon, and the flight zone; for the investors, gamers, and fun-havers of every kind, we’re here because we hear you. We know everyone is built different, and we’ve opted to openly recognize that, with our first approach in compromise being our ability to utilize cross-chain user interfaces as our foundation, and build our metaNest upon it.

What is tudaBirds?

An eco-friendly, NFT-driven, DeFi breakthrough, inclusive of our own little slice of heaven, which we prefer to refer to as: The metaNest.
Here, our team has focused solely on creating a fun variety of social gaming experiences, both simple and complex, for every type of fine-feathered metaFriend that decides to come explore our neck of the woods. We didn’t want your experiences to be lacking, so we included everything!

** All games will be hosted within virtual real estate game rooms, which you’ll only find in our Official tudaBirds metaNest **

Bonus Information: Passive Revenue

  • 66% of all retained game revenues will be redistributed back to token holders
  • 33% of all NFT royalties shared with $BURD holders & 33% with NFT9K holders

Note: Both our coins and NFT’s can be minted on both the Binance Smart Chain and on the green Solana Blockchain — bringing our users big savings in gas fees as well as reducing the end-to-end environmental impact.

Vital Information:

Token name: tudaBirds
Ticker Symbol: $BURD
Private Sale Price: USD 0.008
Public Pre-sale Price: USD 0.009
Public ICO Price: USD 0.01Minimum Purchase at pre-Sale: USD10

Allocation of funds:

Total token supply — 1,000,000,000
30% (maximum) Token Sales
15% Marketing & Community
12% Development
9% Team
5% Advisors
9% Liquidity
8% Royalties Rewards
10% Additional Service
2% Token Bonus Reserve

Fun things to come ask us about:

  • Our unique NFT Rewards in Royalties concept
  • Evolving & compounding your self-minted NFB’s
  • NFT9K Drop
  • Battle 200X: Predict & Win

Investor Contact: investors@tudabirds.io

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Sale & Pre-sale page

tudaBurds metaNest homepage


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