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3 min readJan 9, 2022

tudaBirds Evolving NFBs: EdBird Snownest Leaks the Deets

A TNN (tudaBirds News Network) Alert from the Big Nest

Time for a few specifics about the tudaBirds unique approach to utility-use NFTs have been released, so far. But, as the birds have already made clear: they don’t breed little common kitties and horses (and don’t want to know what those apes are getting up to with that mutation thing!)

tudaBirds evolution avatars — helmets, space suits, jet packs, boots and more — are a behind-the-scenes work in progress — and a bit of a bird secret: evolution operations are happening in the secure, clean rooms of the metaNest research centre: even our user communities don’t have clearance… yet!

Rumour in the nest is that the famous hacker, EdBird Snownest has cracked an egg with the following leaked secrets (and the videos above and below).

Evolution NFTs will be won and purchased, dropped, raffled and rewarded… And can be bought sold and traded like any other NFT. Users can “connected” their NFB avatar NFT to help form that avatar’s user profile, history and all other utility uses within the metaNest.

The metaNest will, in the not-too-distant future, also have user Minting workshops in our virtual rooms where complex combined avatars can be built to evolve NFBs with evolution NFTs.

This allows tudaBirds users the unique opportunity to visualise and then re-mint customised NFBs. In the process, the original NFB and asset NFTs will be burnt, resulting in an increased scarcity of the originating NFB set as well as an all-new avatar NFT (NFB). The new NFB will carries in its provenance (and on the blockchain) a superset of the rarities and attributes of the original and all assets used in the evolution mint

Evolved NFBs held by a user may entitle preview access to new games, larger wins (in some games), random raffle, tournament or lottery ticket drops, profit-sharing bonus drops … and other functions to help build users build their nest eggs.


Holding an NFB will be a requirement for users to earn within the metaNest BUT tudaBirds are targeting inclusivity and so we have a plan to ensure that entry-level NFBs will always be both affordable and as available as possible.

(More about this will also be revealed going forward but the birds have a plan in place to ensure that we don’t have the situation like happened with chicken races and other play2earn games that we’ve seen: our “little birds” will never be priced out of the opportunity to earn — and learn in the process).

More will be revealed as we move forward, but the metaNest community offers and welcomes chats, discussion and brainstorming: what the users want and think they should be .. or could be… or might be. The metaNest is a place where all are welcome to stick their beaks in!

tudaBirds NFB NFTs … coming to a nest near you in February 2022