tudaBirds: unique evolving avatar NFBs

NFBs: non-fungible Birds … Polygon-minted erc1155 NFT avatar tokens


Rather than breeding like common kitties and horses — and who knows what the punks and apes are up to — tudaBird NFBs evolve to increase their levels, strengths — and their value.

Evolution types: NFTs range from helmets, boots, jetpacks and spacesuits of all kinds at all levels of rarity and scarcity. They also include badges marking actual player achievements and experiences while also adding to their value as collectibles. And there will be more.

Won, earned, purchased or swapped in and around the tudaBird arena, users can choose to permanently mint an evolution NFT with a tudaBird NFB avatar increase levels, access and rewards…to get tudaMoon, to Mars and beyond, taking the $TBIRD (and lots of bird seed) as payload.

Evolved avatars may add direct increased game wins and other revenue benefits.

The tudaBirds community of Bird Crafters build rare, unique avatars for sale on the open market to players looking to skip ahead — and for collectors of all birds beautiful.

We will start with a limited set of 5,000 First Edition Avatar NFBs, with 50% offered exclusively to current holders of tudaBird NFTs with the remainder in a flash sale.

Our artists and product team is also working away on a set of exciting enhancements to NFB use, including virtual, upgradeable nest NFTs and other value-add personalisation elements.

NFBs may also be rewarded during arena game play or as lottery or raffle prizes. We will also provide users with access to rooms in the Arena where they will have the capability to create and mint their own tudaBirds evolution NFTs.

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