tudaBirds $BURD Audit: A Perfect Score

$BURD, the utility token of the tudaBirds metaNest, has successfully passed a stringent smart contract audit with a perfect 10 out of 10 scores.

To ensure investor security and project credibility, tudaBirds selected TokenGuard.io the first automated rating agency blockchain smart contracts. Using the most sophisticated tools to find bugs in token contracts — and supported by real-world line-by-line code investigation, TokenGuard delivers security.

The Audit

Tested against a variety of attack vectors, both common and uncommon, TokenGuard audited the BSC-based BEP20 $BURD smart contract codebase for compliance, aligned with industry best practices and standards. The TokenGuard audit has also ensured that our contract logic meets our specifications and intentions.

The audit also involves cross-referencing contract structure and implementation against similar smart contracts produced by industry leaders and thorough manual review by industry experts.

Including rigorous formal verification, static analysis, and guard against frequent and critical vulnerabilities, $BURD has proven hacker-resistant and protected from internal manipulations. The audit results for $BURD can be found here.

About tudaBirds

tudaBirds is a NFT-driven cross-chain social defi gaming arena, with an emphasis on creating competitions and games — both simple and complex — to be hosted within virtual real estate Game Rooms in the tudaBirds metaNest.




the Web3 first step into the metaverse for the rest of us

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tudaBirds metaNest

tudaBirds metaNest

the Web3 first step into the metaverse for the rest of us

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