the tudaBirds arena, phase 1

The tudaBirds arena is the home of spectacular high-win, high-entertainment gaming and other player experiences, powered by $TBIRD and $MATIC. In brief, the arena will be the go-to defi gaming location for

- gamified games: loyalty, experience, drops of all kinds

- interconnected leader boards: bet on, with or against the players

- head-to-head invitationals: win extra when you beat the leaders

  • user-promoted clubs, games and tournaments

So, that is part of the gaming bit… next up, the gamified NFTs. From random, mystery unlockables through to holders’ discounts — and from cross-collection set completion bonuses, tudaBirds NFT are for collectors, builders, sellers, players and speculators. Everything is a game in the arena:

- evolving tudaBird avatars: higher levels, increased rewards, exclusive offers

- 2d and 3d NFTs: drops, sales, galleries, marketplace, raffles and lotteries

- virtual Real Estate NFTs: buy a piece of the arena: future revenue speculation

- NFT sales tracking and leader boards: collections, pieces and avatars

- Utility use of NFTs

- Rarity and scarcity tags across collections ensure

Finally, we have the transparent revenue-based reward mechanisms benefiting all $TBIRD holders and our accessible, fair and open games.

But… as much as we’d like to, we can’t deliver everything tomorrow. But we have a pretty good starting spot: with the right funding from that start, though, we plan to deliver magic!

So, we start with a simple five-point tudaBirds arena Grand Opening, starting with the release of Battle200X and followed over the next few weeks and months.

Find out more: site twitter discord telegram

green defi gaming with integrated erc721 & erc1155 NFT ecosystem