Introducing tudaBirds —A Green Defi Gaming Arena

tudaBirds is an all-new, innovative hybrid defi ecosystem of competitive social gaming.

The tudaBirds arena is an economically and environmentally sustainable strategic delivery vehicle designed to attract players, collectors, investors, speculators, and users of all interests, with our delivery targets including:

1) A unique, value-add NFT-integrated token economy

2) A revenue share model directly benefiting users, players, collectors, investors, and holders, and the $TBIRD token itself

3) Evolving avatar NFTs: tradeable user-level multiple-asset class NFT

4) Very low fee structures and gas on BSC

The component architecture that is the arena backbone delivers common systems and interconnects so that we will be able to rapidly deploy and deliver a set of unique defi and NFT games, innovations, and experiences. The planned “arenabet” system enables gaming — by anyone on anything — across the arena: games, sales, likes, leaders, losers: anything, using our inter-connected leader boards, virtual game rooms, and advanced profile/avatar management.

tudaBirds evolve: TudaBirds NFBs will also deliver function and utility as we build out our arena. Arena users will be able to win, swap, and purchase NFT evolutions ranging from spacesuits, helmets, boots through to jetpacks at all levels of rarity.

Evolved tudaBirds will enjoy access to higher game levels and increased rewards as well as exclusive offers in and around the arena. Including early access to new features as they are rolled out, these evolutions will also result in NFBs with increased resale value as users can choose to buy up to increase their capabilities — or just add rare and evolved tudaBirds to their collections.

Our users will be able to self-mint their evolved NFBs by compounding the original birdie with evolution NFTs, which can also include player achievements and experiences marked by rewards, badges and leaderboard placements, and tournament results.

More Earning Opportunities for users: Our planned community of tudaBirds Crafters will be enabled to build rare, unique avatars for sale on the open market to players looking to skip ahead — and for collectors of all birds beautiful within our planned arena NFT workshops, opening a broad new way for our users to earn TBIRD tokens.

Arena virtual real estate game rooms will also enable user gallery and self-sale capabilities within the tudaBirds arena. tudaBirds NFBs will also enjoy random airdrops ranging from special offers to free raffle entries and tournament tickets.

Unique tudaBirds NFB Staking: And — most exciting of all — an all-new and unique NFT staking mechanism enabling value-add earning capabilities just by holding your collection… but that is a hatched secret still in the nest: more information coming soon!

Types of NFTs

1) Founders NFT 9K drop:

A total of 9,000 unique NFTs comprising different collections and editions: first come first served but with the luck of the draw.

The tudaBirds NFT9K drop is already far beyond your common variety of cute and provocative images. With a sprinkled 10% set of rarities and a randomly selected 10% of the NFTs receiving a bonus 9,000 $BURD airdrop.

2) CBO signature NFT collection

An exclusive set of 3D tudaBird NFTs, handcrafted by our Chief Bird Officer, and each with a limited edition set of high-quality two-dimensional renderings of the original, each on a numbered, spinning card.

All holders of CBO Signature NFBs will be entitled to a discount on NFB avatars

Sale Date: 31st October

3) Virtual Real Estate NFTs

A foothold in the exclusive and very limited world of the tudaBirds virtual arena virtual. This first sale will offer 500 rooms and suites from a total real estate NFT cap of only 5000. The scarcity of rooms protects and encourages the value of the speculative investment made.

These virtual real estate NFTs will be freely movable erc1155 tokens, designating the ownership of a particular property class (3/4/5-star rooms and suites, either in-arena, outdoor, waterfront, or with a view of the launchpad).

Sale Date: 31st October

green defi gaming with integrated erc721 & erc1155 NFT ecosystem