tudaBirds metaNest —BURD PUZZLE Game

Big BURD winnings available before and during the tudaBirds Public Token Sale

In advance of our January 12 2022 public sale, tudaBirds are excited to announce BURD PUZZLE: the second game in the tudaBirds metaNest.


It is a QR code puzzle, solve the puzzle and get a chance to win up to $1000 in $BURD. Nobody loses in this game.

Worst case: Break-Even | Best Case: Winnings of up to $1000 in BURD
Average Prize: 120%

What is the Fee?
You have to pay 0.25 bnb and are guaranteed that value in $BURD in all cases.


  1. Complete the puzzle
  2. Open the Metamask mobile app
  3. Click the “Scan” icon in the top right corner
  4. Import Account
  5. Click “Add Tokens”
  6. Add the BURD Token Address:
  7. Click “Add Token”


  1. Complete the puzzle
  2. Take a Screenshot of the completed QR code
  3. Download the app “QR Reader”
  4. Upload the QR code Screenshot
  5. Copy the Private Key
  6. Open Metamask mobile app
  7. Click “Import and Account”
  8. Paste the Private Key and click “Import”
  9. Click Add Tokens
  10. Add the BURD Token Address:
  11. Click “Add Token”

Visit the BURD Puzzle virtual room at tokenpuzzle.tudabirds.io.

About tudaBirds metaNest

Economically and environmentally sustainable, the metaNest is for players, collectors and investors of all types. As NFTs and Gaming continue to dominate decentralized finance, tudaBirds delivers interactive head-to-head gaming with embedded NFT functionality

  • Unique, value-add NFT-integrated token economy
  • Token-supporting revenue share model directly benefiting users, players, collectors, investors and holders of $BURD and NFTs
  • BSC and Solana: green, low fee structures and gas overhead

Visit our homepage to find out more — or join us on Telegram.




the Web3 first step into the metaverse for the rest of us

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tudaBirds metaNest

tudaBirds metaNest

the Web3 first step into the metaverse for the rest of us

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