Announcing tudaFarm Yield Farming

tudaBirds metaNest
3 min readFeb 6, 2022


the tudaBirds metaNest is excited to announce tudaFarm Yield Farming with $BURD, $BNB and $BURD/$BNB will open soon: target is early March . tudaFarm will allow holders to lock their assets and earn income on their holdings.

tudaBirds metaNest is a revolutionary head-to-head fair play social gaming ecosystem on BSC and Solana with new forms of user earnings, unique evolving NFT avatars and passive revenues for all holders

tudaFarm Overview

Our proprietary tudaFarm offer will provide single and paired staking as follows: BURD/BNB LP; and BNB. BNB investments will add liquidity automatically, and commence farming. Users are not required to hold BURD to access tudaFarm although there is currently a nice price opportunity to invest and earn.

To both protect our investors and enable the team to deliver more significant APY earnings, farming will have 30 day lock in. tudaFarm will operate on as FCFS (first come, first served): early participants may earn larger APYs and can unstake / claim after the 30 day period, in the order of entry. tudaFarm will be monitored and as its scale increases, the APY will adjust upwards, as feasible. Wallets may re-stake: doing so will reset the 30 day cycle.

Providing a high APY marketplace to BURD holders — who can lend or borrow from the pool — governance tokens will be algorithmically distributed with liquidity incentives. Earning usage fees from users, the fees will then be rewarded to the users (the liquidity providers) for staking their BURD in the pool and drive the pool size upwards.

APYs will reflect on the tudaFarm page from opening. BNB investments will add liquidity automatically. Users are not required to hold BURD to access tudaFarm.

The tudaFarm facility will allow users to see growth and returns. Additionally, it be constantly monitored and, as its scale increases, the APY will be adjusted upwards whenever feasible.

Coming Soon to the metaNest

Battle200X and birdTris — our first games — will soon be available for use with native BURD tokens; the birdTris live version will also debut.
We will soon also deliver tudaBridge, a cross-chain bridge (BSC and Solana, for now — with more to follow) bridge where users can transfer $BURD from our supported blockchains quickly and inexpensively. Comprehensive testing is underway on the pre-release version of the Bridge. Coming in early March or maybe a little more soon.

And be ready for the tudaBirds nob-fungible Bird (NFB) NFT drop, scheduled for February 28.

What is Yield Farming?

Yield farming in defi (decentralised finance) involves smart contract controlled lending and staking of the cryptocurrency tokens that users hold to earn rewards in the form of transaction fees or interest. tudaFarm will not only provide a rich option for holders, typical expectations would be an increase in transactions and a subsequent rise in the overall pool itself.

Yield Farming and Staking investment decisions are the responsibility of individual investors and our team is not positioned to teach users — nor provide financial advice).