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A CEX listing, a tech pivot, and an Open pre-sale

The great thing about flying is how easy it is to change direction!

Major Announcements from tudaBirds

* A signed deal with CoinsBit to list tudaBird on their centralized exchange

* A minor tech pivot to $BURD, hatching a new token in a new nest

* The opening of our…

tudaBirds is an all-new, innovative hybrid defi ecosystem of competitive social gaming.

The tudaBirds arena is an economically and environmentally sustainable strategic delivery vehicle designed to attract players, collectors, investors, speculators, and users of all interests, with our delivery targets including:

1) A unique, value-add NFT-integrated token economy

2) A…

What is tudaBirds?

tudaBirds is a green, NFT-driven defi gaming arena, with an emphasis on creating competitions and games — both simple and complex — to be hosted within virtual real estate Game Rooms in the tudaBirds arena.

We offer a very different take from the rest: a user-earning focused…

double bird droppings have never sounded so good

The NFT Raffle of the year has arrived… as usual, tudaBirds fly above the rest!

Launched on the 13th of October 2021 the tudaBirds NFT9K promotion raffle gives users 10+ opportunities to win some exclusive non-fungible Birds from our ERC1155 NFB collection and 3D Video NFT collection by CBO.


the most gamified NFT drop ever held!

24 hours only = starts Monday Oct 11 — TODAY =at 1800 UTC

tudaBirds are thrilled to push a few things around in the nest and get things started!

two pages to visit: our NFT9K Preview Page and

our giveAways Page

Gamified??? Like you’ve never seen before!!

10% of all 9000 NFTs in the NFT9K drop win a voucher for a drop of 9000 $TBIRD tokens

This limited pre-sale is launched also to promote our CBO @djanz and the amazing work of him and Bird Head Bilal … 8 species of birds with rarities sprinkled about + the slick 3D work: we wouldn’t have left the nest without them!

We don’t breed like common kitties, punks and horses: WE EVOLVE!

The tudaBirds Defi gaming arena — with our first crypto-prediction Battle200X head-to-head competition already available — will be powered by NFBs: “evolving” non-Fungible Birds built as compoundable, multi-asset ERC-1155 NFTs.

The tudaBirds gamified NFT9K drop is already far beyond your common variety of cute and provocative images. With a sprinkled…

tudaBirds tudaMoon

TudaBirds is pleased to announce the hottest meme competition in town.

We are looking to spread the excitement and awareness of our Polygon-based green NFT-enabled defi gaming arena… to fly away together. . …

The tudaBirds arena is the home of spectacular high-win, high-entertainment gaming and other player experiences, powered by $TBIRD and $MATIC. In brief, the arena will be the go-to defi gaming location for

- gamified games: loyalty, experience, drops of all kinds

- interconnected leader boards: bet on, with or against…

A unique offer for a gamified NFT drop

A total of 9,000 unique NFTs — offered on a first come, first served basis with fair and randomized distribution of rarities and scarcities scattered within — and secret bonus content.

EVERY single NFT in the NFT9K drop will have future value or utility in the tudaBirds arena. AND every…


Crypto prediction battle with 20,000% upside … live now with industry-low gas fees on the green Polygon network.

Multi-bag opportunities every game: profit from your insights and your instincts.

UNIQUE bonus offer where EVERY player in EVERY game earns a 50 token $TBIRD airdrop!

Lightning, hourly and overnight betting rounds all tracked on our player leaderboard: player intelligence and experience, current crypto news feeds — and player discussions on discord and telegram: a winning formula to score on the volatility of the crypto world.

note: Battle200X is currently played with $MATIC. Following our $TBIRD token generation event and public sale (by October 2021!) the game will also accept — and reward, $TBIRD token holders).


green defi gaming with integrated erc721 & erc1155 NFT ecosystem

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