We are thrilled to announce the launch of tudaBirds Airdrop Campaign. We are giving away a total of 1,000,000 $BURD tokens in the Airdrop Campaign to our loyal community members.

Start date: 20th November 2021
End date: 27th November 2021

Binance smart chain (BSC)

💰 total airdrop pool: 1,000,000 $BURD

tudaBirds are excited to join the Mazer Gaming network as we flock together into a brighter tomorrow.

Mazer Gaming, a professional esports and entertainment organization and tudaBirds have entered a partnership to connect our communities. Starting with a collaboration to deliver a tudaBirds NFT giveaway promotion as our first move…

(October 26, 2021, Germany and Finland)

BACKED, the Swiss blockchain alternative investment fund and tudaBirds, an NFT and defi social gaming upstart with a different take on things, hit the sky together with their new business partnership.

The tudaBirds arena will host, in a virtual game room, a raffle and…

tudaBirds is an all-new, innovative hybrid defi ecosystem of competitive social gaming.

The tudaBirds arena is an economically and environmentally sustainable strategic delivery vehicle designed to attract players, collectors, investors, speculators, and users of all interests, with our delivery targets including:

1) A unique, value-add NFT-integrated token economy

2) A…

Introducing tudaBirds

tudaBirds is a green, NFT-driven defi gaming arena, with an emphasis on creating competitions and games — both simple and complex — to be hosted within virtual real estate Game Rooms in the tudaBirds arena.

We offer a very different take from the rest: a user-earning focused defi…

We don’t breed like common kitties, punks and horses: WE EVOLVE!

The tudaBirds Defi gaming arena — with our first crypto-prediction Battle200X head-to-head competition already available — will be powered by NFBs: “evolving” non-Fungible Birds built as compoundable, multi-asset ERC-1155 NFTs.

The tudaBirds gamified NFT9K drop is already far beyond your common variety of cute and provocative images. With a sprinkled…


green defi gaming with integrated erc721 & erc1155 NFT ecosystem

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